9 Features to Look for in a Boat Battery Charger

The combination of the perfect boat battery and charger can help you out of sticky situations easily. It can make sure that you have a pleasant fishing experience without losing out on important battery power to propel the boat back to the shore of the lake/sea.

Let us discuss the various important features that you must look for in a boat battery charger.

  • Waterproof Housing:- It is important that all the equipment on your ship has the necessary waterproof coating. This is true especially in case of batteries and battery chargers. The waterproof housing on the battery chargers will prevent short-circuiting in case of minor splashes.

  • Vibration Proof Casing:- If you are planning on installing the charger and battery very close to the trolling motor on a small boat, make sure that they have a vibration proof coating. Excessive vibration and heating can damage the charger walls. The constant sloshing of acidic fluid within the charger and battery can also cause a leak in the battery casing.trollingbatteryguides.com
  • Choice of Charger Based on Output of the Battery: -There are basically 3 different types of battery chargers. These include low, medium and high output chargers. You need to determine the CCA as well as operating voltage for your batteries to select the perfect charger for the job.
  • Special Chargers for Deep Cycle Batteries:- The deep cycle and marine cycle batteries are fundamentally different. Both the batteries have different charging capacities and cycles. You need to select a charger based on the type of battery that you have on your boat. In case you have deep cycle battery than you need best deep cycle battery charger with a higher capacity for recharging.
  • Space Constraints:- Make sure that you have a fair amount of space on the boat for the battery and charger combo. Do not select a very large or a very small battery. A large battery won’t fit correctly and a small battery will not have sufficient power to propel the boat.
  • Charger Warranty:- Usually, the marine battery chargers come with a warranty for 3 years. However, some of them even feature extended 5 or 10-year warranty periods.
  • Digital Equipment:- It is a good idea to choose a charger that has digital equipment like battery meters and recharge capacity meter installed on it. This information will give you valuable insight into the charging cycles for your battery.
  • Rapid Charging Technology:- If you own a deep cycle battery, it is a good idea to install a charger with the rapid charging technology. This charger will charge your battery up to 50% faster than an ordinary charger.
  • Charging Cut-Off Function:- Choose a charger that comes with an automatic cut-off function. This function will prevent damage to the battery due to overheating or overcharging.
    It is a good idea to buy a battery and charger combo from the same brand. This will ensure that both the components are fully compatible with each other.