How to Clean and Store Your Tent After a Camping Outing

If you are planning to go for a Camping trip with your family this season, you might be pretty excited and make sure you have all travel gears before going to camping.If you have not must purchase first from the travel gears and enjoy your trip. But, you should be well aware that you are going to return and would need to pack your tent properly and store it back in the garage. The tent is used outdoors and can get severely dirty and heavily soiled, which is why it should be cleaned well when you are packing it back. You don’t want odor to remain on it, do you? Here are ways how to maintain your tent, if you want to use it again.
Get rid of the dirt with plenty of water
Apply enough water pressure on the dirty tent using a hose. Be careful that water reaches each corner. If you want a heavy clean-up, then first set up the tent. Next, you should use warm water and start washing your tent manually by using a sponge. Rinse it good using a mild soap as well and then hang it sp that it dries.camping tent

Pack it up carefully
Try not to pack your tent when it is wet. If there was no other choice, then make sure you unpack it as soon as possible when you reach a safe and dry place. You need to let your tent dry well. Otherwise, it will attract mildew growth and mold which will lead to bad odors. Avoid folding the tent around the same crease lines so that they don’t remain prominent in the long run. Shock-corded poles are prone to breakage which is why you should be very careful around them. Always keep a look out for holes that might need a repair or if you should do any sort of waterproofing, just when you are packing it back.

Keep mildew at bay
Tents might have waterproof protection, but if you let them remain exposed to moisture for a pretty long duration, then it can lead to hydrolysis. This means that the coating will slowly fade away and the quality of waterproof protection would not be maintained for long. Thus, avoid placing your tent in heavy rains for long as it will not only degrade the quality but also lead to the growth of mildew. Similarly, if you pack it and store it while it’s still dirty, it will soon become a home for mildew and other harmful bacteria. It takes only one day for them to develop on a dirty and wet tent. It will lead to the lingering of smell even if you wash it after a few days. You must dry the tent first and then store it.
Store your tent at a proper place.
There shouldn’t be any moisture in the area where you are storing the tent. Also, make sure that you dry your tent in areas which have a shade and not direct sun exposure. Basements and damp areas should be avoided for storing your tent if you want to enjoy your tent for many year.

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